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F E B R U A R Y   2 0 0 5 

Thursday 3rd February 05                                                                                                                                

Wimbledon Theatre, Wimbledon

It's all getting a bit crowded in the car these days.  To relieve his travel boredom and further his quest for untold riches, Eddie has taken to completing prize crosswords from magazines such as "Take A Break", "TV Quick" and "Dogs Arses".
This has got to be one of the nicest Theatres we have played, imposing on the outside and bordering on ostentatious on the inside.  Of course we knew that we had little chance of filling the fourteen hundred or so seats, but we were here to give it a shot. Arriving early, in spite of several altercations with the GPS system over the wisdom of her proposed route from the M25, we got on with some more rehearsals. 
We were parked in the Theatre's loading bay in the side road and were outraged to receive parking tickets, potentially costing 160....a strong letter will be written!
Perhaps the most memorable feature of tonight's show was Rick's second half performance.  His brain was clearly elsewhere and there were several nasty errors, or "dropping a bollock" we call it.
On the way out of the stage door heading to the Kentucky, we were met by the lady with the red socks, who had been at the stage door in Croydon last November.  We were amazed, as she had been to both Croydon shows, but she couldn't remember the first one. We, on the other hand, would not have forgotten her.  This time she seemed to have her act together and she got some more pics of us.

Pic - Clare Ellis Pic - Clare Ellis Pic - Clare Ellis Pic - Clare Ellis

Saturday 5th February 05                                                                                                                                

Wyllyotts Centre, Potters Bar.

A question was asked by Emma in the guest book last week as to the bands football affiliations, so there was a Q&A session in the car on the way down to Hertfordshire.  Turns out, that Rick is the only one with any interest in the beautiful game, and he is indeed a Liverpool supporter, gets to Anfield a few times a season and always looks for the results.  Derek has no particular interest in any sport, although I do recall him risking one eye at the Wimbledon Ladies final last year!  Eddie's weakness is for boxing, he can tell you anything you want to know about the sport.  Roy only has time for things that have wheels, these days preferring the two wheeled variety. His video collection of 1950's Isle of Man TT races is unrivalled anywhere in West Lancashire.
One thing we do all have in common is our love of movies, and the in-car conversation is often devoted to the subject, with much DVD swapping going on at gigs.  The subject of our recent affections has been "10 Rillington Place", a movie we've all seen many times in the past, but has just now been floating round on DVD.  How spooky it was when we switched on Radio 4 and there just happened to be a documentary on about the Christie murders.
Plan today, was to crack on with an early sound check at the Wyllyots, to polish up the 65 show.  Derek was suffering with an eye infection and really didn't feel like making the early journey, his eye would hardly open.  By the time we hit Potters Bar, it was nearer to our usual sound check time.  Sporting a pair of Eddie's spare goggles, he was doin' a fair Oasis impression.
'Twas a good show tonight to a sell out (or near as dammit) crowd.

mad fer it Photo - Jean Herbaut
This week Roy will be mostly reading...... Ron Wood! babble babble bitch bitch "Fire Engine!!" Photo - Jean HerbautPhoto - Jean Herbaut Photo - Jean Herbaut Photo - Jean Herbaut Photo - Jean Herbaut
Photo - Jean Herbaut Photo - Jean Herbaut Photo - Jean Herbaut Photo - Jean Herbaut
Photo - Jean Herbaut Photo - Jean Herbaut Photo OF Jean Herbaut and Barbra

Saturday 19th February 05                                                                                                                               

Assembly Rooms, Tamworth.

The Beatles played here on Friday 1 February 1963.  We first played here on Saturday 1 February 2003 and it was that event that kicked off our '40 years ago' theatre adventures.
That night we played a 90 minute set to a sell out crowd with The Eleanor Rigby Experience.  Last year we returned in our own right, to do the '64 show.  And now....this year....and the grand unveiling of the '65 show!!!!  Well,... that was the original idea!!   Let's just say, that, due to circumstances beyond our control, our plans went to cock earlier this week and an emergency strategy had to be put in place.
Derek was suffering the remains of flu and was worried about being able to sing. As there were 48 songs in the set tonight, that was of no little concern.  After an extended sound check, there didn't seem like he was going to have much problem, but he stuffed himself up with pills anyway. (not the spacey kind or owt....just, y'know........ beechams and stuff!)
Some performers have strange pre-show routines, little idiosyncrasies that they go through before a show.    At Tamworth, our routine involves making a visit to the Dominos pizza shop across the road.
Eddie had perfected a new sketch...  a fabulous recreation of a discussion between Rick and John which took place outside the Wimbledon Theatre a couple of weeks ago.  Ade & Dave were most amused.
We wanted to keep some sort of chronology about the show, so we decided to stick bits from 63 and 64 together for the first half and do all the new stuff in the second half.  The whole band enjoyed this, as we hadn't played a lot of the tunes for so long.  Songs like Anna, A Taste of Honey and Devil In Her Heart were brought back. The audience seemed to enjoy it too, this was one of the best responses I think we have had from a first half.
The second act was just as enjoyable, but for different reasons.  A lot of the songs, we hadn't performed in front of an audience before, and there is always a bit of a buzz from that.

P.S.  The sods at Merton council refused to quash our parking tickets after the Wimbledon show.

they say its haunted y'know
"What do you haven't got any luncheon meat?" Thermal image of the pizza Eddies gob view
Pic - Ashleigh
Pic - Ashleigh Pic - Ashleigh Pic - Ashleigh Pic - Ashleigh
Pic - Ashleigh Eddie is pleased with his prezzie from Ashleigh and Lisa...... an inflatable beer tent!

For blog readers only, here is a Real Player file of Paperback Writer, recorded at Harrogate last month.
Click the link just once, the file should play within a few seconds.  Audio quality is compromised with the compression used for these files.  You will need Real Player on your computer to play them. Download it for free HERE!

Friday 25th February 05                                                                                                                                     

George Harrison, 25th February 1943 - 30th November 2001

Sunday 27th February 05                                                                                                                                  

Theatre Royal, Windsor.

We were last here with Skeggsy at the end of 2003, a really nice theatre in the shadows of Windsor Castle.  They say it's haunted! Indeed, Roy has seen it on "Most Haunted", the TV show that deals with such phenomena.  I can't say that I've had any experience of the paranormal in here, despite wandering off on my own to the nooks and crannies of the theatre, camera in hand, ready to snap any unsuspecting ghosts.  The theatre also boasts a Royal Bog or "Queens shithoose" we like to call it.
There was supposed to be a 5 o'clock press call at a Gallery next to the theatre who were exhibiting some John Lennon lithographs.  The press never turned up so we got on with the sound check.  We knew in advance that our show was in the middle of a run of "Lord Arthur Savile's Crime", and we were expecting that some of the set for that production would still be in place.  We weren't, however, expecting the set to be quite so obtrusive.  Suspending the audiences disbelief that they were in a 56,000 capacity baseball stadium on a hot summer night in August, was gonna take some doing.  Ironically, the dressing rooms felt like a hot summer night in August.... they were absolutely roasting.  Perhaps there is something in Russ Abbot's rider that says that the temperature must not drop below 30 degrees.  Ozzy the dachshund didn't seem to mind though.
Returned to the dressing rooms after the show to find a burning smell.  As the dressing rooms were 3 floors up, the second set costume change had to be done with a little more "hurry up" than usual.  Rick discovered that the smell was coming from his pants which had been hastily tossed on the counter and had engaged themselves over one of the light bulbs.....  coulda been nasty!

"I wish these bastards would hurry up.......  I want me dinner"

D'you want a punch up your frog tunic? Ozzy the dachshund


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