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O C T O B E R   2 0 0 5 

Sunday 9th October 05                                                                                                                                      

John Lennon, 9th October 1940 - 8th December 1980

thanks Suzie thanks Suzie thanks Suzie

Monday 17th October 05                                                                                                                                   

For the sake of the archive:

BBC Radio One - Colin & Edith
This afternoon they were doing their daily competition where 2 fans represent their favourite band and answer questions on them. The Beatles fan has won for the past week and stays on. Colin Murray was talking about Liverpool and asking the guy if he'd been to the convention, the guy had once and enjoyed it. Then Colin said "I've seen The Cavern Beatles a fair few times and they're really good"

Thursday 27th October 05                                                                                                                                

City Hall, Hull.

Three of us had arranged to rendezvous with Dirk at Birch Services on the M62 at 3.30.  At 3.29, we pulled into the car park.  Dirk was on the phone saying that the traffic was horrendous and he would be a while longer. At 4.15 we met up in the car park, but Derek had some news.  Acky had just phoned him to say that he had left his bass in his front garden, so he put it in his house for him so it wouldn't get nicked.  Of course, that's exactly what you should do with a 1964 Hofner Violin....leave it in your garden for some bastard to pinch.
So what are we going to do?  Spectrum carry the Rickenbacker bass, so that is already at the gig, but Dirk doesn't want to play the whole show on the 4001.  Apart from looking really odd for what we do, it is a totally different guitar, and when you've played the same bass for 15 years... no one really wants to change.  It will take 3 hours to go back for it and get back to Birch, which would leave us no time to get to the show.  Acky saved the day and drove down to Birch with it, making the journey in an hour and twenty minutes.
We pulled out of the services at 5.45, bass on the parcel shelf and heading east at full tilt.  We are on stage at 7.30 and we have 90 miles to cover in rush hour traffic.
We arrive at the venue and the audience is already filing into the auditorium...this is cutting it close.  A sound check is obviously out of the question, but Ade and Dave have been alerted and they have prepared everything.  The stage has no tabs, so we can't even have the luxury of checking everything from behind the curtains.  It was all a bit "skin of yer teeth" stuff, but at 7.30, we made it to the stage.
I think we all enjoyed the first half, the audience were fab and their response was so warm, we forgot all about the stresses of the last few hours.
Coming out for "round two", things went a little awry.  Dirk counted in "Twist & Shout"....  but only I heard him.   I stopped after 3 notes, and looked at Dirk with a "what the fuck?" expression in my eye.  Dirk re-counted....and STILL only I heard we were both playing, and looking at each other.  After 8 bars...  Roy thought..."oh yeah...think I'll start playing too"..... little trio thang goin' on here!!  Out of nowhere, Eddie comes in....  but not at the same place me and Dirk are...we are totally confused....  this is the worst fuck up, I think we have ever made ( and we've made a few ).  By the second line of the verse, we have sorted ourselves out and got it together....but it was a shaky moment.
The post mortem revealed it was actually MY fault!  In a moment of madness, for authenticities sake, I had always suggested the count be done "off mic".  Forgetting of course, that this would require the band to pay attention!

But the worst thing about this job...... is when you're hungry......   so often, Ginsters, is the only thing you can find to eat.   And that's a bit depressing!!
They are soggy, greasy, and they taste quite cardboardy with a sprinkling of pepper..  They probably contain more unhealthy unthinkables than would be thinkable to imagine. They stink the car out and the smell seems to linger on your clothes for hours
But they are HOT!..... so we all had one.     Dirk had "2"  *insert raised eyebrows*

"See yer tomorrow.....   don't forget your bass!
( I wouldn't let it lie!!       ;)  )"

Friday 28th October 05                                                                                                                                       

Municipal Hall, Colne.

What am I going to post about this show? The truth of course...would you really expect anything else?

At the sound check, I broke a string on the Telecaster with my first twang and decided to change the whole set as they were a bit manky.  So I ended up not participating in the sound check and sat in the dressing room with a pair of wire cutters and a prawn sandwich.

This is a great venue and home of the Colne Jazz Festival.  It is obvious from the wonderful photos all over the place, that they love their music here.  On arrival, I was a little dismayed to see the "table and chairs" layout.  It must be human nature....point a load of people in one direction (ie the stage), and they will all sit quietly and concentrate on what is going on.  Place them facing each other at tables and...well..they are gonna have a little chat.  Our show works much better with the former format, as there are quite a few quieter numbers in the set.  During songs like "And I Love Her", we could quite clearly hear conversations from the audience, from the stage.  It's a bit off-putting.  Having said that, we went down really well and the applause was fantastic.

In the second half when Eddie introduced "In My Life" for his solo spot, someone shouted out.."Play one we know"  I hope it doesn't appear like I'm being too precious, but it really pissed me off.  When Eddie plays this song, it really moves me.  I am a big Beatle fan, and feel that Eddies talent, deserves a lot more respect than some, unfunny, talentless bastard shouting that out.  Fortunately, the rest of the audience did seem to appreciate Eddie's rendition and he received a thunderous ovation at the end.

By the encores, we were rockin' and most of the downstairs were on their feet, freaking out.  It was good gig.


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