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A P R I L   2 0 0 6 

Saturday 1st April 06                                                                                                                                          

Broadway Theatre, Barking.

With Adrian still serving sentence at Stalag Pontins, it is Dave who makes the lonely journey south with the backline, front of house desk and the monitoring system.  Missing a golden opportunity to play a cruel April Fools joke on us, by calling to say that the van had broken down or he had forgotten the drums, we find Dave in the midst of plugging into Barkings house system when we arrive.  Also already at the Broadway, are Jean, Mick and Barbara, with a whole arsenal of recording gear and sweet tasting comestibles.

An odd layout for this show sees two tiers of seating and about a dozen tables at the front, each surrounded by four chairs.  During our brief sound check, baskets of tortilla chips were placed on the tables.  We've not seen owt like this before.

It's a good show in spite of the very reverby room, although we did think Eddie was gonna pass out from the heat a couple of times.  This time we remembered to check that we had a drummer at the beginning of Paperback, but I think Roy had more than learnt that particular lesson.

Pic: Jean Herbaut Pic: Jean Herbaut
Pic: Jean Herbaut Pic: Jean Herbaut Pic: Jean Herbaut Pic: Jean Herbaut Pic: Jean Herbaut Pic: Jean Herbaut

Friday 7th April 06                                                                                                                                               

Halton FM 97.8, Runcorn.

Roy and I pop over to Halton FM for a chat on the Pe Muldoon in the Afternoon programme.

Saturday 8th April 06                                                                                                                                          

Empire Music Hall, Belfast.

With Roy due to spend a couple of days in Sligo after this gig with retro chocolate enthusiast, Pete, there is a spare bed available at the hotel.  My mate Alex and I had been planning a night out, so I suggested he come with us.  Alex was keen, as he'd never been to the Ulster Capital.  Usually when flying from Liverpool, I would simply order a cab to take us the short distance to the airport.  Today, though, with the Grand National taking place at Aintree, there are no taxis to be had, so we have to jump in the car and pay the scandalous parking fees.  Picking Alex up from the pub down the road because the fibre-glass tray underneath his car's engine had become dislodged, we eventually met up with Roy at the airport.  Derek was flying out of Blackpool and we would meet him at the gig.

Seamie was on hand to meet us from Belfast International.  Apparently, Belfast was hosting some sort of dancing competition this weekend and hotels were difficult to get.  Instead of the Madison, right opposite the gig, we were stuck out in the sticks near the motorway.  The plan for a night out was going tits-up.

In the hour that we had at the hotel before going over for the sound check, Alex and I managed to squeeze in a couple of Guinness'. Whether it be Dublin or Belfast, the black stuff tastes infinitely better over here than it does at home.

The sound check with the new Empire PA proved noisy and not particularly satisfactory....we would have to wait until there were people in the room to hear what it really sounded like.

We have a new addition to out costumes tonight.  Eddie has secured us some new shirts, which we believe to be the same shade of blue worn by the West Highland Constabulary.  Roy, in particular, is doing a cracking impression of a desk Sergeant.

Our last check-in time for the 1.45 flight home was 1.15.  We pulled up in the cab at 1.20 and I legged to the Easyjet check-in desk, expecting to be turned away.  The check in girls in Belfast are a different breed to the ones in Liverpool, they are only too pleased to help and say that it is no problem, we just have to take the bags and guitars to the oversize channel, as their desk had now closed.  We would be allowed on the flight.  Liverpool would have been another story.  Even a second over the last check in time there and they won't let you on, you would swear that they enjoy it too.  On recent flights from Liverpool, we have found the check in staff to be thoroughly miserable and humourless.  The
antithesis of what you would expect from our "friendly" home town.  Liverpool has a reputation for being warm and friendly.  We have been saying for a few years now that it is rapidly losing this status.  Even with all the shit that the people of Belfast have had to go through for years, we Liverpudlians could learn a lot from them when it comes to common courtesy.

Pic. Colin Patterson Pic. Colin Patterson
Pic. Colin Patterson Pic. Colin Patterson

Thursday 13th April 06                                                                                                                                       

Southport Theatre, Southport.

A local gig, so everyone travels independently.  Without doubt there are more people at this show that know the band than any we have ever played in the history of this group.  Hope you enjoyed the show.

Although not normally a keen viewer of Dennis Norden's Laughter Files, I am still pissing myself over the advertisement shown on this weeks (probably re-run) episode, for "HM Aftershave".  The slogan was "Completely Masculine in Presentation".....   I think we might use this as a tag line for The Cavern Beatles.  
I phoned Derek whilst this was showing....we also laughed at the advert for ICI's stretch fabrics.

Friday 21st April 06                                                                                                                                             

Whitley Bay Playhouse, Whitley Bay.

We have always enjoyed coming to the North East.  For one, the audiences are always warm and receptive, and the drive north is somehow more refreshing than ploughing south on the M6.
Today, however, the M62 is crawling over the Pennines, and the A1 is stationary in parts.  The journey that should take us 2 and a half hours tops, is taking 4 and a's a drag!
At least we really like this venue, it's our third time here, but we are late enough to rule out fish and chips.  Actually, there has been a lack of this kind of food lately, we all seem to be on a permanent diet of sarnies.

It's a fairly good house at the Playhouse and we are all as relaxed as we can be.  From the opening number we are all enjoying the show.  The on stage sound is excellent and this helps us all to gel together.

Roy is now taking no chances with making an early exit from the second half.  His set list has been amended to include precise stage directions about when he should leg it to the dressing room.  It is odd how a memory can work.  Roy can remember intricate details about anything that has happened over a month ago, but is totally buggered if we decide to change one of the songs before a show.

Yeah!...this was a fun gig.

Some nice pics from Dave Bryan.

Pic: Dave Bryan Pic: Dave Bryan Pic: Dave Bryan Pic: Dave Bryan
Pic: Dave Bryan Pic: Dave Bryan Pic: Dave Bryan Pic: Dave Bryan
Pic: Dave Bryan Pic: Dave Bryan Pic: Dave Bryan Pic: Dave Bryan
Pic: Dave Bryan Pic: Dave Bryan Pic: Dave Bryan Pic: Dave Bryan
Pic: Dave Bryan Pic: Dave Bryan Pic: Dave Bryan Pic: Dave Bryan


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