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J A N U A R Y   2 0 0 6 

Thursday 26th January 06                                                                                                                                

Four Seasons Hotel, London.

A month off to recover from Christmas is enough for anyone, so when Dirk says ten minutes into the journey down the M6 that he has missed Eddies little personal quips from the back seat...I think he is being sincere.  Actually, Eddie is a surprisingly good mood considering that he only found out that we had this gig last night.  Someone forgot to mention to Eddie that the gig had come in late, and so he got a bit confused when Roy texted him to say that he was being picked up a day early.

The gig was for Canon at the Four Seasons in Hamilton Place.  We were a little apprehensive. 300 blokes from about 30 countries on a conference, tables right up to the stage....this sounds like its going to be a long night!  We'd agreed to split the set so that we could perform "between courses" just better!  As will happen 9 times out of 10 at a corporate function, either one of the speeches will over-run, or one table will be outrageously slow finishing their first course.  So we all ready and waiting to go on for about 45 minutes in a small room adjacent to the ballroom.  A fine set of club sandwiches appear.  3 were eaten; 1 was hastily scuppered back up to the hotel room we got changed in; 1 was carefully placed in to an empty guitar case for safe keeping; and the remaining sarnie was wrestled with and finally polished off about 30 seconds before we went on stage.

The first set was a breezy six songs in length, and we were amazed!  All the chairs were turned round, and the audience watched intently.  These are the kind of gigs where a band can "die on their arse"...but we stormed it.  Not only that, but we had a good on-stage sound and we played really well.
The second set, after the main course, was no different.  The whole room watched avidly, with a few people dancing at the back.  For the last couple of numbers, we were quite shocked to see the whole room stand up and clap all the way through....this doesn't happen that often at these sorts of gigs. We left the stage with the audience still on their feet and still clapping and as we walked through the kitchens, the waiters and waitresses formed a sort of "guard of honour" and they too were applauding us as we made our way back to the ante-room.  The most enjoyable corporate gig we have done in a long time.

We get in the car and travel 100 miles west along the M4 to a travelodge near Bristol.

Friday 27th January 06                                                                                                                                      

Queens Theatre, Barnstaple.

I have to admit, that I was a bit worried about this show.  January in North Devon didn't seem at first to be a great idea.  Who is gonna come out and see us?  It was a very pleasant surprise to find out a couple of days ago that the show had virtually sold out.  On arriving at the theatre we find out that the last few restricted view seats have also been sold.  Playing to a full house is always less nerve-wracking than when the ticket sales have struggled.

Dirk and I, ate in the fish & chip restaurant on the next block to the theatre, and then walked round the lovely town of Barnstaple in an effort to get rid of the indigestion!  While this was going on, it transpired that young Edward had taken a liquid dinner in Wetherspoons.  One or two pints for Ed is fine, but anymore, and he is likely to become a fool to himself.......!!

It's not the best show we have ever done tonight, but it goes down very well with the audience.


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