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S E P T E M B E R   2 0 0 7 

Friday 14th September  07                                                                                                                                

Sheffield City Hall, Sheffield.

A corporate engagement for Hallam FM's charity "Help A Hallam Child", in the very grand surroundings of Sheffield City Hall.
I can't remember the last time Eddie was not with us. At the moment he is sunning himself up on holiday, but we have found a replacement in the form of Paul Jones, currently in his final year at Paul McCartney's Liverpool fame school, LIPA.

In true Spinal Tap fashion, we got ourselves a bit lost trying to find the dressing rooms and ended up at the top of the building, locked inside the upper gallery of the main hall.  While we were waiting for someone to come and rescue us, we spent the time watching ABBA magic who were performing on the stage below.

We were on stage after Tony Christie, who was performing to backing tracks.  It wasn't long before he did what he did for Maria and asked the audience if he was in the right direction for Amarillo, all the time throwing daggers at the side stage sound man.  It was time for us to receive a helping of ambivalence from the guests at the charity ball, many of whom danced away happily but were reluctant to display much in the way of spontaneous appreciation at the end of most of the set. Ah well!

Paul did a great job with us in the Lennon role and we all felt very comfortable on stage with him.  I do, however, have to confess to feeling like a right old git!
Dirk was heading for the airport very early the next morning, and was really not impressed that the car seemed unable to be put into gear as we sat outside the City Hall.  Eventually, I found the gate.

Wednesday 19th September  07                                                                                                                      

Manchester Central, Manchester.

Originally Manchester's Central Station; then the G-Mex Centre, venue for huge concerts in the 80's; now Manchester Central conference and exhibition centre,.....and that's why we're here.
This is the last night of the International Aerosols Exhibition and we are the cabaret to finish of the event.  Karl is standing in for Dirk, and Paul is in for Eddie again.

Saturday 22nd September  07                                                                                                                          

The Chainstore, London.

40th Birthday party for Simon Jordan.  Just Roy and I, in with Colin from the Bandits and Andy from The Beatalls.  We were booked as the hors d'oeuvres before the real meat got up to play for the assembled guests.  The menu consisted of Leeeee John, former frontman with Imagination; Ben VP of Curiosity Killed The Cat fame; The Specials (but alas no Terry Hall) and top of the bill (or at least going on last) Mr. Brian Ferry (of Roxy Music and Brian Ferry fame).
Roy got on very well with Ben VP who shared our dressing room, and now thinks he is s wonderful chap.  We only played for 30 minutes, but were very well received by the audience of celebrity, rich and influential.
A welcome cheeseburger in the on-site Fatboy's Diner and Roy and I were burning off up north before half ten.  We had already seen Brian Ferry's performance at the sound check, as he played his entire set.  Still got a great voice.

Saturday 29th September  07                                                                                                                           

Loughborough Town Hall, Loughborough.

Dirk is still away, but we have the lovely Karl with us today.  I really have left it much too long to remember anything about this day at all!


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