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A P R I L  2 0 0 4 

Saturday 3rd April 04                                                                                                                                         

So this is the third year we have played at the Grand National at Aintree Racecourse....   big marquee.... the one they used for the Stars Wars exhibition in Hyde Park..(remember it?)  Anyway it holds about 15,000 people.  We kicked off our set at roughly the same time as Manchester United and Arsenal were about to do battle in the FA Cup semi-final, so from the outset, we had a little competition as the match was being screened live at the other end of the Pavilion.  There was a huge roar at the end of "She Loves You", at first we thought we mustav played it particularly well, but I think it was just Thierry Henry shooting wide.  Toward the end of our 90 minute set, much more interest was being shown in us and we were going down really well.

photos Paul Capper

After the show at Aintree, we set off down the motorway to London to play at a wedding in Mayfair.  Our very best wishes to Dan & Stephanie

Monday 19th April 04                                                                                                                                         

Lyceum Theatre, Crewe.  

Spied on from the Royal box by Roy's mum.

Thursday 22nd April 04                                                                                                                                     

Ferneham Hall, Fareham.  

Oh its a long way down to this gig but helped by the "magic road" the A34.  Anyone who uses this will know what we mean.  I know there was a lot of controversy over the Newbury by-pass, but it really helps us Northerners get south in great time.
The show was really well received by the audience and I think we put on a good one, in spite of the venue not being full.

No Ade on this show...he is resting at home with a skin infection....but as our hidden camera shows....   he is still able to drink tea!


"A love like ours....   wid never die"   Dirk couldn't decide whether to sing will or would, so settled on "wid"- promptly being questioned by Rick... the rest of the lyric became fairly unintelligible.
"The Blacksmith & the Toffee Maker"... classic stuff from Jake Thackray

Saturday 24th April 04                                                                                                                                       

Just got back from our gig at the Robin 2 in Bilston.  It was our first time playing here..and wow! what a great gig it is...brilliant atmosphere.  We all had a top time.
This has to be the only gig we've ever done though where we've had as many crew as band members.  The full Spectrum squadron was present...."The Unlikely Bros", Ade and Dave,  Simon and John.  Ade, who is our regular sound man has got himself a lovely skin infection on his leg and this has rendered him horizontal for most of the day...  so brother Dave stepped in to twiddle the knobs.  Happy to report that Ade is on the way to recovery with the assistance of anti-biotics.
We decided to do our usual "64 on tour" show even though this is a stand up gig and we were a little worried that the slower numbers would not be as well received.  In the past, we would normally keep the set bouncing all the way through.  We need not have worried though, cos songs like "And I Love Her" went down as well, if not better than the faster tunes.
We have become used to not getting as sweaty in the Theatres, but here at the Robin... such moisture is unavoidable and it was one of those "wet" gigs....which somehow seem to be more a non-pervy way honest!!!
We are happy that we have a re-booking at the Robin in August, so for anyone reading this who was at the gig.... we will probably dust off last years "63" show so that if you come again... you will hear a different set of songs....  only seems fair!  If any of you have photos from this gig and want to send them to us, we will be glad to post them on here...   We saw a few cameras knocking about.
Finally....  to all of you at the Robin...thanks for giving us such a great was a real joy to play for you all!!!
Eddies' Bob Todd Doll impression..."ask Ade..he'll tell ya!"

Tuesday 27th April 04                                                                                                                                        


Big thanks to Jayne for sending this cutting from a Southend Newspaper.!!

Also,   got to thank everyone from the Robin who signed the guestbook..makes it all worth while folks






Thursday 29th April 04                                                                                                                                      

News Just In...... Robin 2 confirmed for Xmas Eve       
Book Now on       01902 401211                                         

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