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J U L Y  2 0 0 4 

Friday 2nd July 04                                                                                                                                              

New audio clips available in Audio Samples section.
They were recorded from the desk at the Broadway Peterborough in March.  We are not dead chuffed with them...particularly in this Real Player encoded form...the quality is a bit ropey and they lack atmosphere as there were no ambient microphones to pick up the audience.  All the excuses made...hope you like them anyway.
There are new versions of Please Please Me; From Me To You; She Loves You; This Boy ; Can't Buy Me Love; You Can't Do That and I Need You.

<<  Old report from our travels to China in 2000  >>

Sunday 4th July 04                                                                                                                                             

American Independence where else to be but a US air force tracking station in North Yorkshire.
Band performs 90 minute set to American forces and families.

Wednesday 7th July 04                                                                                                                                     

9.45am - Radio interview BBC Radio Northampton.

More songs added to Audio Samples section.  Anna & Devil In Her Heart from last years tour.

Thursday 8th July 04                                                                                                                                         

Stables Theatre
, Milton Keynes.

The Stables has grown since the last time we played here in 1995.  Then it was a tiny venue with about 4 rows in front of the stage and the majority of the audience sitting at the sides.  Now it has been completely refurbished and a near capacity audience were to witness our show here tonight.
We found the first half of the show difficult with an on-stage sound that left a lot to be desired.  This, added to forgetting to put the set lists out led to all sorts of problems like
accidentally missing a verse and a middle eight out of I Want To Hold Your Hand. (unforgivable!!)
In spite of this, the audience seemed to have a great time, with the odd brave soul boogieing' in the second half.
In reply to John on the guestbook - No Hey Jude....  well....we played it on the tour last year, but it's just that there are other songs we wanted to fit in instead of that, and we just haven't got time to play 'em all.

Roy and Rick through caution to the wind, and shared half a pint of bitter at the bar after the show... Rock n Roll!!!

Saturday  10th July 04                                                                                                                                       

Willen Lake Complex, Milton Keynes.

Corporate fun day for BP... y' know.....the petrol people.
We were abandoned by our trusty crew today.... we won't forget this Ade!!! the backline was taken to this gig after the Stables show on Thursday night.  We had an early start to get down to Milton Keynes for 12 o'clock.  It's Roy's birthday today and it gets celebrated in true Cavern Beatles style....   i.e. half a verse of "Happy Birthday to You" over a cup of coffee that tasted like plastic- Roy wouldn't have it any other way. We sat round for four hours waiting for our show time at four o'clock. As we were getting changed - in the back of a 40 foot trailer - the black clouds that had been looming overhead for the last hour or so, emptied their contents over the event.  As we took to the stage, the entire audience had taken cover in the marquees and the rain was slashing onto the stage.  Even with the microphones pulled back from their original position, Dirk and Rick were standing in a puddle of water at the mic.  We had to ask for a carpet to be dragged over to cover up the puddle because I am sure that I heard somewhere that there is some real danger involved being that close to so much electricity when one is standing in water.  As the set developed, the rain subsided and the audience came out from under cover and seemed to really enjoy the show.
Another one done!

Wednesday  14th July 04                                                                                                                                  

Carden Park
, Chester.

A 70 minute cabaret performance of what we now are calling "the boat" set.  The selection of songs first used on the Pride of Bilbao.  First appearance of the Rickenbacker 325V63.

Thursday  15th July 04                                                                                                                                      

Travel to Alicante.

I think Charlie Watts said that in 25 years of Rock 'n' Roll, 20 years were spent waiting round.  Well I suppose this is true, but it has to be said that there are probably worse places to have to wait around in than in Spain, at least compared to the weather that we left behind us today at Manchester Airport.
Spent a few pleasant hours on a beach bar before turning in for the night.  Dirk gets caught on camera smoking (again), and Eddie drinks too much (again)

Friday  16th July 04                                                                                                                                            

Restaurante Punta Prima
, Torrevieja, Spain.

Eddie eventually rose from his pit sometime after midday, sleeping off the effects of the night before, but was never seen in the hotel pool.
We were picked up from the hotel at 4.30 for the 10 minute drive to the sound check for the gig.  On arrival at the venue, it was clear that we would not be able to do anything for at least an hour and a half, as the PA rig was not yet installed on the outside stage behind the Restaurante Punta Prima. So we decided to eat straight away, and we all had our fill of steak and chips. (John, you would have been in heaven).  The backline equipment finally rolled up at 8.30, about the same time the guests were arriving, so a proper sound check was out of the question.  This was a little disconcerting, especially for Roy, who was presented with what was possibly the worst drum kit we had ever seen.  Unfortunately, the look of it was only the tip of the iceberg....  it sounded like four biscuit tins with brass ashtrays for cymbals.  Bless him, Roy did his best and managed to piece the whole thing together, but it still sounded awful.  Thankfully, the stool managed to last the night out as there was a nasty drop off the back of the drum riser.
Towards the end of our set, the wind was getting up...a tribute bands worst nightmare!  Eddie was, perhaps obviously, the unfortunate victim of the strong Mediterranean gusts, and the sight of his flapping "hair" almost reduced the rest of the band to tears.  Dirk is particularly uncontrollable in situations such as these and he coped admirably well with the lyrics of "Get Back" under the circumstances, managing to make about 75% of the song distinguishable.
On the plane home, Eddie manages to spill the contents of his coffee cup all over his new t-shirt (now there's a surprise) and on a more somber note, we are saddened to read of the death of Hal Carter, agent,
impresario and former manager of Eddie Cochran, whom we had worked with on numerous occasions.  Our sincere sympathy's to Abbie and the rest of Hal's family.

Tuesday  20th July 04                                                                                                                                        


Thanks to Clare for sending this cutting from the Citizen, advertising the show at Hunstanton on 14 August.




Saturday  24th July 04                                                                                                                                       

Finchley Golf Club
, North London.

Picturesque golf club, nice little marquee, fab audience.


Saturday  31st July 04                                                                                                                                       

Broxbourne Civic Hall
, Hoddesdon.

A very hot day, the kind of day that you could really do without the A/C playing up in the car, but life's like that.  Everyone was really tired and perhaps a little lighter when we arrived at Hoddesdon.
Dave, also was in a bit of a froth.  He had been let down by a guy from LIPA who was going to be helping with the tech-ing, so he had to set the whole system by himself.  John was on the job too, but by his own admission only understands one version of plugs and sockets....  "Ask Ade!....he'll tell ya"
Roy did not help the technical mood by collapsing into hysterical laughter when he saw how his snare drum had been set up.  We all stood round the kit and tried to work out how it was possible for the stand to be upside down.  The photos below shows the sequence of events..  the problem....the investigation.... and the solution.
And so everything taken into account, it was, to say the least, and extremely lackluster
sound check, which gave no one bags of confidence.  We hoped that we were going to be able to raise our game for the performance.   I think we managed.
Had a word with Eddie before the show and asked him to refrain from impersonating an ex-member of the group and keep it to John.  Just recently, he has had us in hysterics with his uncanny mannerism and vocal representations of a long gone Lennon.  I was telling you a couple of months ago how cruel this band can be... no one is safe... even if they've left the band, it would seem.

This was
our second year at Broxbourne and the audience numbers were well up on the last show, so this was encouraging.  Speaking to some of the audience after the show, it was pleasing that they noticed that we had performed entirely different sets... this is our mission.

Decided on the way home to do a survey of the types of people who drive in the middle lane of the motorway.  Spending so much time on the nations motorways has led us to the conclusion that one of the main reasons for congestion problems is the atrocious lane discipline that prevails in this country.  We will be sending our findings to the home office.   Yes....  it gets very boring sitting in a car for so long, we have exhausted all the possibilities of "I-Spy" and Eddie has finished his colouring-in book.

We would like to give a special thank you to Ian Colpitts for sending the review below.

     S H O W  R E V I E W     
Broxbourne Civic Hall, Hoddesdon.
Ian Colpitts

I was looking forward to the show but part of me was prepared to be disappointed. I'd been accused by my wife of being a bit sad because she didn't want to go to the show and I was quite happy to go alone. I'd seen the Fab Four twice in the early 60's in my home town of Newcastle and been a teenage member of The Beatles Fan Club. 
I arrived about 10 minutes before curtain up and eased my way through the
throng in the theatre bar. There was a tangible air of expectation and excitement among the waiting 50 somethings. Everyone except me seemed to be in couples or larger groups and to be honest I did feel a bit conspicuous. I took my seat when the call came over the p.a., "Tonight's performance will begin in two minutes". I was between couples, four rows from the front with a clear view of the stage; so far so good. 
Suddenly there was the ghostly sound of the Beatles
speaking, their voices unmistakable and just the other side of the curtain. The hairs stood on the back of my neck. Then the curtains opened and I was instantly transported back to my youth. The old familiar line-up was back, the smart dark suits, white shirts and thin black ties, "Paul", "John" and "George"; "Ringo" had changed a bit. And that sound, oh the sound, so pure and authentic it gave me goose-bumps. "John" standing alone and imperious, "Paul" and "George" sharing the same mike and laughing at some private joke while they sang, "Ringo" with his inimitable drumming style, flicking his hair with a casual toss of his head. It was all there and much, much more. The only thing missing was the ear-splitting screams from the teenage girls that meant I couldn't hear much of the music back in the 60's. The intermission was a blur of reminiscences with new found friends over a quick pint and then back into our seats for another fabulous trip back in time. 

I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed a concert so much. I have been recommending The Cavern Beatles to everyone who will listen and would like to thank the lads for a truly memorable evening. They exceeded my expectations by miles. 


Fab Productions 2004