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N O V E M B E R   2 0 0 4 

Tuesday 2nd November 04                                                                                                                               

Moat House Hotel,

Today started early with our annual farce of a photo shoot for next years poster.  As next year's publicity is to be for 1965, we settled on the "Help!" cover, but spelling out "LIVE" instead of "HELP" with the semaphore. As we need the shots to be taken in daylight, there was much "ooohh do we have to?" going one wanted to do this outdoors, but tough was all over by sundown.
You can see the mock Help! cover here  Click
We have quite a bit of time to kill before setting off to Stratford, so we decided to hit "early doors" at the Char Ni Chinese restaurant. At just under six quid for three courses it's a steal, even though the waiters are possibly the most brusque this side of Kowloon.  Roy opted out of the MSG's and went for a very tasty looking mushroom omelet, but the rest of us went for the set meal with surprisingly little argument over who was to eat the last rib.
Arriving at the Moat House, we found the trusty Spectrum lads in full debate as to whether to wait for the ordered sarnies, or go for a walk to find the local chippy.  They decided to go for a walk, 30 seconds later a plate of wraps and sarnies duly arrived.  Fortunately for the crew, we were all stuffed or they would have had nothing when they returned from their food quest unfulfilled. We did, however, decide to drink their coffee as it would have gone cold. Eddie appointed himself "mother" which is never a good idea and very soon, there was coffee all over the table, the carpet, a chair and splatters on his kecks, with not enough liquid left in the jug to go round 4 of us.
We had done this gig last year, but this time, the client had requested 2 spots, which we find never works very well on corporate jobs. Tonight was no particular exception.  We went down well, but it wasn't until the second half that the audience really got going.

Eddie at the pot......stand well back Writing the set....   the panel contemplates!

Monday 8th November 04                                                                                                                               

Aimee Mann on DVD
A shameless plug for Aimee's first DVD.  Seeing as she is no longer played in the interval of our show, this is blatant advertising for her new product.....  You will have to keep looking though cos Amazon have sold out of new copies but you can order it used.

Aimee Mann: Live At St. Ann's Warehouse [DVD/CD]
Disc One: DVD
Live Concert : Interviews : Slide Show : Behind the Scenes
Disc Two: CD
Aimee Mann Live 2004


Thursday 11th November 04                                                                                                                            

Metropole Hotel, NEC.

Forgot to take the camera to this gig, so there aren't the usual, highly interesting, photos of this.  Which is a shame really, cos the set that the production company had built for this corporate event was really impressive.
Are there any bands out there that can explain... why... when playing in hotels, they always give you a room to change in that is furthest from the lifts?  This changing room must have been a quarter of a mile from the stage.  Maybe it is to incite ridicule from the hotel guests...  we may never know!

Saturday 13th November 04                                                                                                                            

Dudley Town Hall,

The concert that almost never was!
Just setting off for what should have been an leisurely 90 minute drive to Dudley when Dave rings to say that they have been stuck on the M6 in Stafford for an hour.  Turns out a lorry had jack-knifed and the police had closed the motorway.....handy!  So we have to take the A roads which will at least double the time it's going to take us to get there.
As it turned out, everything was just about done in time, even though there was not enough time for a proper soundcheck.  The doors opened straight after the line checks.  This was all a bit of a worry, as there are some strange things going on with acoustics of the Town Hall with its barreled ceiling.  According to Ade though, the sound in the concert was actually not too bad at all.  This may have been helped by having a full house to soak up the reverb.  It was a great response from the audience and we all really enjoyed the show.

The posters for next years show have now arrived back from the printers, and we have 20 to give away to the first people who would like one.  Please fill in the mailing list form here so that we can mail it to you.  Don't forget to mention that you want a poster!!

Live photos by Ashleigh

Saturday 20th November 04                                                                                                                            

Secret Location,
West Sussex.

A private engagement in a gaff that resembled "Baskerville Hall".  This was the second year that we had played this party, with a Latin group called Plenka.  Both groups were set up in the hallway, and in spite it's relatively vast size, we found that we had very little space in which to perform.  There was a constant banging of headstocks and much concentration was needed not to smack the people dancing in front of us with the guitars.
John insisted on being photographed with as many things on his head and in his mouth as possible and is looking for work as a tribute to George Chisholm.

The very naughty Edward strikes the pose whilst waiting for the coffee machine to do its business

Tuesday 23rd November 04                                                                                                                            

Ashcroft Theatre,

I don't care if you DO think I'm miserable!!!...   Christmas should be kept in gets on me wick seeing all the decos. up in November.
Second time for us at the Ashcroft, and there must have been at least a dozen more people at this show than at the same fixture last year.  Of course, about half of these were made up of freeloading theatrical agents who were on a cheap night out!!!  It was nice to see Mark (Mark Lundquist Management), Liz & Beryl (Upbeat) and Tracy (Essential)...Hope you all enjoyed the show!
There was a bit of a cock up on the multicore side of things tonight. The Spectrum multicore was ever so slightly too short to travel the strangled route from the stage to the front of house mixing position at the back of the auditorium which meant that Ade had to mix the band from side-stage, which was less than ideal, but he seemed to cope quite well.
Stopped off after show for fish n chips....Eddie got the largest cod ever.



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