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O C T O B E R   2 0 0 4 

Saturday 2nd October 04                                                                                                                                  

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Liverpool.

Home town corporate engagement for Britannia Rescue.
Nothing extraordinary about this gig, except at the beginning we thought we were gonna totally bomb as there was a bit of an exodus.  By the end of the set though, the audience were going mad for more.
Ade was on his own tonight, having been dumped by the rest of the Spectrum crew in favour of an Elvis show in Old Swan, uh huh!...  hmmm... mustav been better grub at Old Swan Conservative Club!!!


"A big, big thank you for the fantastic performance of The Cavern Beatles at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Liverpool on Saturday 2 October 2004.  They were our closing act and helped the evening finish on such a high.  The dance floor was full throughout their performance and the sound was brilliant.  We were transported back in time to the sounds of the Beatles and it felt like we were in the presence of the 'fab four'.  I would not hesitate in recommending them for any event.  Wishing you every success in the future."
Corporate Events Coordinator

Monday 4th October 04                                                                                                                                  

Four Seasons Hotel, London.

Guess we must have been lucky today, M6 not too heavy which afforded us the luxury of a leisurely stop at Warwick Services for coffee.  Rather than the usual "splash and dash", it was chill out time on the couches...  Eddie fell over at the counter, and Rick discovers that cigarettes have gone up in price again since the last time he bought a pack in the UK.  With the cheap Spanish ones from July now well and truly smoked... it is once again time to consider giving up this filthy habit.

It cannot go unmentioned, that 50% of the group have taken to wearing 70's style, ribbed cardigans with a zip up the front.  Examples of these garments can be seen in TV classics such as UFO, The Persuaders and Jason King.  At the sharp end of this fashion statement is Roy, fresh from his recent triumph in the West Lancashire & District Annual Truck and Tractor Fest competition for best dressed male (over 25 category).
Rick also received comment today from Dirk, who described his appearance as "smart!... if un-coordinated".  The CB's notoriously scruffy member was said to be "chuffed" with this accolade.

Calm day on the roads, with little or no road rage, arriving in plenty of time at Park Lane. We pull up right outside the hotel where we find someone just leaving a perfect parking space.  As if that is not enough... they have left us enough money on the meter to get us through to the free parking time.  Dirk takes full credit for this stroke of luck, of course, and even pulls his "bastard" face for the camera.  Well here's a new one!! Never done this hotel before...very nice.  We are in SO much time that we actually get to see the stage. But, not before we are greeted by "The Silver Fox", Paul Baxter, who always seems to have a canny knack of knowing when we are going to arrive and intercepts us before we get into any trouble.  We find out that the "do" is for American insurance people who have just flown into London....  Perfect!!!...they are all gonna be jet-lagged.

We are whisked away to be fed downstairs as the guests are about to arrive.  Our meal is due at 7.  By five past it hasn't arrived and John sinks into depression (see photo). At 7 minutes past, the food does arrive and at 10 past John is lighting his post dinner fag and furtively looking around to see if anyone is likely to leave anything on their plate.  Paul asks us to be ready for 20 past eight....Dirk goes to shave.....Paul asks if we can make it for quarter past, and 3 minutes later brings it forward another 5 minutes.  As consummate professionals, we are dragging Eddie out of the changing room at 10 past.

75 minutes later,  Dirk and Rick are in the car waiting for Roy, then Eddie....Can you see a pattern emerging here?
By midnight, we have arrived at one of our old haunts...Hilton Park Services.  We have our usual 10 minute moan about the scandalous prices.  Dirk resists the Ginsters  ("because I can"),  Rick remembers he has a pork pie in the fridge so will wait,  Roy chances his arm (and carbohydrate intake) with a pack of Prawn Cocktail crisps, but for young Ed.....the call of a microwaved pastie is all too much, and he succumbs like a starving child in a Dickens novel.
In a final moment of mirth, Dirk soaks Roy with his windscreen washer after being dropped off at Knutsford.

The legalised theif
Dirks "bastard" face A symbol of trans-atlantic unity!....   How ironic!
Guinness Book of Records holder of "Most text messages in an hour" "Steak! Steak!....Please God let it be STEAK!" lamb expectancy 3minutes
" I thought it was only rude if it was soup!" eeny meeny miney... NO! We have been stopping at Hilton Park for years - and this young lady is always on the night shift!

Wednesday 6th October 04                                                                                                                              

Civic Theatre, Darlington.

It always seems that there is more to write about when the four of us travel together.  Today, Dirk traveled up to Darlington on his just makes sense from a location point of view.

It was our first time at this theatre and we were all well of those lovely old ornate jobs.
Roy's reading material on this gig was as unusual as ever..  "Fallen Eagles - A guide to Aircraft Crashes in North East and Mid Wales"....  how specific!!

A good turn out for this show with the stalls and circle being mainly full, which is great seeing as the show is in direct competition with Coronation Street, timewise.

Got to give a special mention to the "spot" operators at the Civic who were fantastic, indeed, the whole crew were really professional and made the show run slickly.



Thursday 7th October 04                                                                                                                              

The Cavern Club, Liverpool.

Back home for a corporate engagement at the Cavern for the Cotton industry.  As we were reminded by Nick, the head of Plexus Cotton, Maccas dad worked in the cotton industry for many years so it figures that this was a great venue for their party.
There was a bit of an issue with the "get in", as Ade was sooooo  keen to get the gear out of the goods lift, that he opened the door before the lift had reached its final stop....and....   arrrhhh    you've broken it!!!  Of course...  he hadn't, but the security people were not keen to let Ade use the lift again for the get out without adult supervision...he he...scolded like a naughty child!! It was sorted out in the end.
I don't think I've ever seen the club look so good, it is a perfect venue for corporate events as well as being a great rock n roll venue.
The stage in the back room being a box, makes the drums incredibly loud and Roy really had to take it easy on the kit cos he was deafening on stage.  We performed for 90 minutes and at time s it was like pulling teeth, but by the end we were going down really well.  Corporate gigs are just like that, the audience dips in and out of you as they feel like.  It's so rare to get a concert atmosphere going.

Eddie does John!!!
"Was it good for you too?"" The lovely Steve Marsh Stevie P.  looking dandy in a light suit.

Monday 11th October 04                                                                                                                              

Well...  we have been moaning about it for years, but this is what the BBC say today about these bastards:-

New signs aimed at road hoggers
A new attempt is being made to educate England's motorway drivers to keep in the proper lane.

Messages are being shown on signs on several motorways saying "Keep left unless overtaking" and "Don't hog the middle lane".
Highways Agency officials will be monitoring drivers' reactions as part of a campaign to reduce accidents.
The messages will be shown on parts of the M1, M6, M18 and M62 in the north of England and the East Midlands.
Roads Minister David Jamieson said: "Poor lane discipline causes frustration to drivers and can disrupt the flow of traffic.
"We have all seen people on the motorway sitting in the wrong lane and experienced the inconvenience and congestion it causes."
Messages are being carried at various points on motorways in South Yorkshire, Cheshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Leicestershire.
The results of the week-long trial will be studied by the Highways Agency before deciding whether they should be a permanent feature of the motorway network.

In August the RAC Foundation said that drivers hogging the middle and outside lanes were "stealing" up to 700 miles of motorway space from other drivers in peak periods. That is roughly equivalent to the distance from Aberdeen to Penzance.

Monday 18th October 04                                                                                                                              

, Lowestoft.

You've heard me moan before about how awful the drive is to this part of the world so I won't labour it anymore, but it definitely doesn't get any easier.
As a precaution against heavy traffic, we set off ludicrously early and hit the M6 Toll without encountering much congestion at all.  There was obviously a good deal of psychology used when they planned this 20 odd mile stretch of road.  To use the toll road, you carry on in a straight line, if you want to keep on the M6 you have to "turn off".  I wonder how many people this has caught out? and how many "three quids" they have obtained by stealth.  We, of course, always make a conscious decision to use the toll.  Even after months of vowing whilst it was being built that we never would, the call of free flowing traffic is all too much and every time their hoppers clatter with the sound of our loose change being chucked into their pension funds.

The in car chatter must have been intense as we flew by Corley services and our last chance of some decent coffee was gone.  We had to resign our selves to a stop on the A14 so it was going to have to be Burger King or Little Thief. (McDonalds is never a realistic option cos we all think it's crap...  although they have made an effort lately with the introduction of their "Big Tasty", a lame imitation of the Whopper).  So Burger King it hour spent with their truly dreadful coffee.

We arrived at Pontins at 7.30, still well early.  The other band, The Dreamers were going on at 8.30 and we had to wait till 10.30 before we could do our bit.  Dirk and Rick went and chatted to Ade, Dave and John and found the cafe were we sampled the "Fries Butty" and Pontins coffee.  The fries butty was one step up from "ships biscuit" and the coffee tasted like warm washing up liquid and UHT milk. It was interesting that we were the only ones in the cafe.  After our refreshments we went into the main room to catch the last half of the Dreamers show which included an entertaining drum solo involving all the band, 4 dustbins and 3 hard hats.  They went down very well with the audience.
While all this was going on, we hadn't seen Roy and Eddie.  It turns out that Roy had gone on a bit of a bender and had bought a pint of lager.  I've known Roy for what?......12 years.....  I have NEVER known him to drink a pint of lager.  So it was a bit of a surprise to catch him at 9.45 surrounded by "dolly-birds" puffing away on a slim panatella, grinning inanely with the words  "this is me second".  Eddie, meanwhile, was busy working on his theory that if one drinks a pint of water, it cancels out the previous pint of Guinness, so God only knows how many he and sunk.  He seemed happy enough.

Eddie was keen to impress on us that we should start the show with the short version of Twist & Shout, and spent 5 minutes going round everyone in the dressing room to make sure we all understood this.  Imagine our surprise when he just kept on singing when we expected the song to be coming to its close.  We didn't go down particularly well, perhaps it was not cabaret enough for this type of audience...arh well!

Ade, Dave and John, didn't fancy driving back and so stayed at Pontins, we as usual, hit the road and beat the traffic.  This was always a good idea, but these days one comes across horrors like the M6 being closed between junctions in the middle of the night, thankfully, the A50 is there to provide an alternative.  Roy slept off his hangover and Eddie took up his new hobby of smoking 2 fags at once at a lay-by toilet stop.

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